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ICR organises its 3rd Workshop at The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London on 3 November 2014 (Agenda)

ICR organises its 2nd Workshop at City University London on 9-10 December 2013

City University London, University of Bergamo, Caterpillar Engines UK and Caterpillar Fuel Systems, US are awarded a 2.5m Euros Marie Curie Industry Academic Partnership and Pathways grant to work on cavitation erosion at 3000bar injection pressures for heavy duty Diesel engines.

Two researchers from City University London are awarded an IOF Marie Curie fellowship (one with Stonybrook University US and one with NTU Singapore) for research in cavitation

City University wins two IEF Marie Curie fellowships in the area of two-phase flow modelling


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